Behind every business, there’s a story worth knowing…

The 3 People Who Raised Me


Mom on LapI was raised by a hard working single mother, and couple named Roy and Jean. All three had really different personalities, and together they shaped who I am today.

My selfless Mom was a dedicated loving parent who always put food on the table, a roof over our heads and though I’m sure she had struggles, she never made them known. From Mom, I learned hard work and positive attitude. I am still blessed with Mom in my life today, and I’ve set up a foundation in her name, The Marilyn Sweet Borchardt Foundation, that helps single hard  working moms like mine send their children to college.

BJS QuoteMy parents divorced when I was three and my dad left my mom and I on our own, and because he did, my aunt Jean and uncle Roy stepped into my life. They both took a very active role in my youth. I’d spend summers with these two wonderful people. Roy was a business owner and Jean was a principal.

Roy was bigger than life! Gregarious, outgoing and engaging, people flocked to Roy. His business was always a success and he was everyone’s “go-to” guy. He role modeled by always going above and beyond to take care of people. He often talked about how important it was to treat people with respect. Roy’s the reason I run my business today the way I do. Roy died in 2017. (Thank you Roy for being my father figure).Roy & Jean Single Small

 And then there was Jean. Again, Jean was a principal, and very education oriented. But more than that, she lived on a quest for learning, knowledge and personal growth. Jean planted in me the seed for my passion of being a “coach junkie” and for creating the “Dream Architect” process we offer our clients. At 90 years old, Jean was still a lifetime learner, and still showing me what it means to keep dreaming and keep growing. With both Roy and Jean’s passing I made the decision to create the Roy and Jean Yeager Foundation in their honor to help give back to the Blue Earth area community, which they loved so much.  

I don’t see not having a father growing up as a bad thing that “happened to me.” Instead, I see it as a good thing that “happened for me” because I got Mom, Roy and Jean, my three heroes who showed me the value of working hard, always taking great care of people, and thinking big.