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High Cost of IRA Mistakes

The Potential Costs of IRA Mistakes

So you think you don’t need/can’t afford an advisor? Have you considered the potential costs of making IRA mistakes? Even seemingly simple transactions are subject … Read more

HSA: A 'Retirement' Account You May Not Know About

HSA: A ‘Retirement’ Account You May Not Know About

An HSA combines features of all the various tax-advantaged retirement accounts available. If used correctly, money can go in tax-free, can potentially grow tax-free and … Read more


A Woman With A Plan

From longer lifespans to caring for aging parents, women face unique challenges when it comes to planning for retirement. Our ebook outlines those hurdles and … Read more


Common Scams to be Aware of and How to Protect Yourself

Nine commons scams, often targeted at elderly individuals, that you should be aware of. As people age, they may experience insecurities with the unfamiliar or … Read more

securing your computer

Simple Tips for Securing Your Computer

Andy Zolper, Chief IT Security Officer for Raymond James, provides suggestions for how investors can improve their personal computer security. Investors increasingly use their personal … Read more


What To Do When You’ve Been Hacked

You’ve received the ominous message that your account has been compromised. Now what? Message: We have detected unusual activity on your account. Did you authorize this … Read more

What You Should Know Before You Name an HSA Beneficiary

If you have an HSA, you will want to give some thought to what will happen to this account after your death. The rules are … Read more

sweet financial retirement planning

Yours, Mine and Ours

10 things you and your spouse should know about your finances. It seems inconceivable, but the Couples Retirement Survey by Fidelity Investments recently revealed that … Read more


The Growing Threat: Cyber Crimes

If you’re not a technology wonk, you may not realize the Internet and the Worldwide Web are actually two different things. The Internet is a … Read more

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Choosing a Financial Advisor After Losing a Spouse

You can’t choose your family…. but you can choose your financial advisor.  Deciding on a financial advisor can be a difficult decision, and many don’t … Read more


Are you maximizing your investments? Shift your Focus to your Return on Life!

Many keen investors have a high focus on their return on investment.  Obviously it is important to focus on your financials and attaining the goals … Read more


Is it Money Well Spent? 5 Tips for Evaluating Business Expenses

All business owners have expenses and most would say way too many.  The key is to spend those dollars on the right expenses that have … Read more