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NOW AVAILABLE- Mobile Check Deposit! ADV

Mobile Check Deposit – Now Available in Investor Access

Now available in the app- Mobile Check Deposit- a fast and easy feature that enables you to safely and conveniently deposit checks into your eligible Raymond James accounts using the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

It’s simple: Just log into the Investor Access mobile app on your iOS or Android device, select “Deposit Checks” and on-screen instructions will guide you through completion of the deposit.

Mobile Check Deposit offers…

Convenience: Deposit checks and fund your accounts, such as your IRA, as soon as your receive them. That means no more losing track of valuable checks or carrying them around in your purse or wallet.

Security: Your check images are stored securely in Investor Access, not on your smartphone or tablet.

Freedom: You can save time and money by depositing checks anytime, anywhere- where you’re on the go or from the comfort of your own home.


All you need is

  • Your iOS or Android device: Mobile Check Deposit is supported on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets
  • The Investor Access mobile app: Get the Investor Access app in Apple’s App Store or Android’s Googly Play. To use the Raymond James Investor Access mobile site or app, you must be enrolled through the desktop version.



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