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Reflect on the people and things we are grateful for in our lives

In November, the Thanksgiving holiday prompt many of us to do something we usually don’t spend nearly enough time doing during the other 11 months of the year:

Reflect on the people and things we are grateful for in our lives.

If you can, take a few minutes right now to review your 2019.  Who in your life motivated you to be a better entrepreneur, a better spouse or a better parent?  Which people or organizations provided you with the insights and tools that you needed to turn your motivation into action steps that generated real results or put you on the right path to get you from where you are and where you want to be?

Your list might include everyone from your family members to business partners and employees to other entrepreneurs you look to for knowledge and guidance. We find that few people build a great business or a great life alone.  The myth of self-sufficiency is, indeed, a myth.  In our experience, most of us rely on communities of people to help us pursue and realize our goals and dreams.

That’s why we strongly encourage you to reach out to the people who helped you in ways large and small this year and thank them.  An email will do, but you’ll probably make a better impression-and probably feel happier yourself-if you give them a call or take them out to lunch or dinner and express your appreciation in person.

And if you really want to go deep with gratitude, look into your past. We bet you can find someone from long ago who was instrumental in helping you get to whee you are today, but whom you have never properly thanked.  That person might even be someone you’ve fallen out with over the years.  Reach out and tell them how grateful you are for what they did for you-it’s possible that you’ll both end up feeling really great if you do!

As always, we wish you the best of success!


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