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A Note from Brittany

“She turned her can’ts into cans and dreams into plans.”

A note from our COO, Brittany Anderson…

Our planning process here at Sweet Financial, the Dream Architect, is centered around helping to ensure your finances support your biggest hopes and dreams for your future.

We have had the opportunity to share in the achievement of some of our clients’ biggest dreams, which is so incredibly fulfilling!

From dream travel destinations, to that dream car, to the vacation home, to funding their grandchildren’s college education – the examples we’ve shared in are endless!

But what about the dreams that don’t involve something tangible?  What about the experiences?  What about dreams as they pertain to a very personal level of fulfillment?

Now, while I personally have dreams of completing the remodel on our home and staying in an overwater bungalow (because who doesn’t dream of warm weather living in Minnesota!), I had a dream up on the board that was more important to me than anything else. 

That dream was to complete our family.

That dream was to overcome my fertility issues so that my husband and I could have three kids like we planned for since our early dating years. To complete our family by our definition.

I know some may scratch their heads wondering how Sweet Financial could help me achieve that dream or how that ties in with my financial goals. 

Let me tell you – working in a company where your team feels like family…  That helps you keep your eyes on your goals.  Making sure that in my own financial planning that I was properly allocating funds to pay for fertility treatments – that support helped keep me focused on what mattered most to me.

When you open up and share what matters most to you, I mean what REALLY matters, the universe can’t help but try to make your dreams become reality. 

I was able to finally bring my biggest dream to life with the birth of our son in October 2018. 

Every single day I would walk by our team dream board in the office and would see the image I had posted up there when we were trying to get pregnant with our second child (who is now a busy, hilarious almost 3-year-old!).  Every single day I got the reminder I needed of why I’m working so hard to get what I wanted.

When I would see that image, I’d remember that even during the hardest parts of my pregnancies, during the times that doctor’s bills seemed to be flying at us left and right – that everything was going to be ok because I had a plan on how we’d bring our dreams to life.

Now I sit as a mama to three beautiful babies – Jersey (6), Stella (2) and Vincent (1) – and I know that without putting my dream in front of me every single day that it would have been harder to get through the most difficult times. 

Remember this when you think about what is most important to you.  By having a visual reminder of what matters most to you, your brain is going to subconsciously start working on how to make your dream come true. 

Oprah said it best when she stated, “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

To find out how you can get your own personalized dream board, simply reach out to our Director of Client Experience, Jessica Salic, and she can share with you on how to get started!

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