The Dream Architect™ Life

At Sweet Financial, our goal isn’t just to help you manage your investments—it’s to inspire you to pursue your version of the perfect retirement. Because to our family of advisors, you’re more than a client; you’re the sole architect of your dreams.

People often get so stuck in the day-to-day that life presents, they forget to uncover what it is that they really want out of life. They forget to dream big! And on top of that, they allow others to tell them they “can’t” do something or that their idea is not within reach, so they never pursue what is most important to them.

That’s why we’ve developed the Dream Architect™ Process: Our strategic 4-step planning process that can help prioritize what is truly important to you so you can build your bigger future.

It’s your dream. We’ll help you get there. 


The Dream Architect 4-Step Process


Where are you now, and where would you like to be? During a complimentary Discovery Call, you’ll share your financial foundation, what’s most important to you, and the future you envision for yourself, your family, and your legacy. Afterward, we’ll meet and explore how our team can support you on your journey.


To build dreams, a Wealth Advisor must first have a blueprint to map out what matters most and why. During this step, we dig even deeper to discover the true motivation beneath your biggest goals. We’ll conduct a risk assessment on your portfolio and run it through different potential market scenarios to determine if your plan has the ability to withstand potential obstacles. From there, we’ll recommend improvements with your dreams and goals at the forefront.


With a deep knowledge of your vision and blueprint, it’s time to build. We’ll construct your customized plan that includes a critical component for success – an implementation schedule. Because your goals and dreams are unique to you, each build is tailored to your values and vision of the future. This is intended to create a plan to live by EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


This is the most important step to ensure your plan is being executed properly over time. We’ll meet with you 1-3 times a year to share updates, revise your customized blueprint (if necessary), and ensure it remains aligned as your goals, dreams and financial situation evolve. Although we’ll have a regular review schedule, we are here for you any time, especially during life’s biggest transitions.


While wealth management is what we do, inspiring people to realize their dreams are still possible is who we are.


The Dream Architect is a proprietary program. There are no guarantees of success with using this program.

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