The Dream Architect™ Life

At Sweet Financial, we understand that you’re the sole architect of your dreams. We believe that every person has the right to realize what is possible for their future. That’s why our mission isn’t just to help manage your investments—it’s to inspire you to pursue your biggest dreams and help you get there

Our proprietary process, The Dream Architect™, is a 4-step approach to inspire, create, build, and execute a plan that’s in alignment with your goals and vision for the future.


The Dream Architect 4-Step Process


First, we set up a free discovery call where we learn a bit about each other. If we discover we can add value by working together, we’ll send you our Vision Builder Profile so we can design your initial plan, together. From there, we meet to get total clarity as to where you’re currently at with your finances, what’s important to you, and what your biggest goals are so we can help build a bridge on how to support you getting there.


At this point you’ve completed your Vision Builder and it is now time to design your initial plan. This is where the picture of your ideal future starts coming to life! If we decide together that we are a great fit for each other and we move forward as your partner in implementation, we dig even deeper to discover the true motivator beneath your biggest goals, and create a comprehensive blueprint to help you get there.


When we talk about dreaming big, it is so much more than material things, it is experiences. It is a process of digging deep to what matters most to you and then going an extra layer deep to understanding why that is important. It’s about taking the time to uncover your personal values and then putting a plan in place to live by them… Every. Single. Day!


This is the most important step to ensure your plan is being executed properly over time, and always with your best interest at heart. We meet with you 1-3 times a year to share updates and revise your customized blueprint to ensure it aligns as your goals, dreams, and financial situation  as it evolves over the years. We maintain an open line of communication so you are never in the dark about your finances and always striving toward your bigger future.


While wealth management is what we do, inspiring people to realize their dreams are still possible is who we are.

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