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Whether it’s the warm smiles, freshly baked cookies or understanding the little things in life that make you happy, we’re always looking to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.


Konnie Francis-Seifried

Director of First Impressions
[email protected]

Konnie embodies the role of providing the best first impression for Sweet Financial. Joining our team in November of 2012, she shines in providing a thoughtful, caring, personalized service that delights whether it’s on the phone or when you first walk in the door. Her creative knack can be seen in the form of client event décor and personalized gifts. And those delicious homemade cookies in our office that everyone raves about? Yes, those are courtesy of Konnie.

Her always-positive vibe along with her creativity and flare for giving has her at the center of all things joyous in the office.

Konnie spent 15 years in marketing of John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa before moving to Fairmont in 2010. When not at work Konnie enjoys spending time with her son Jackson and her husband Steve Seifried, along with Steve’s children Morgan and Max. She also loves spending time with her “purse puppy,” London, who is about the cutest little dog you’ve ever seen.

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Marsha Malo

Director of Communications
[email protected]

Aside from Marsha’s warm and caring personality, she shines in her ability to execute on a clearly defined plan. As our Director of Communications since 2015, her talent lies in her creativity. She thrives on bringing the leadership team’s vision to light through her involvement with our client communications, advertising and marketing. Her biggest excitement comes in helping improve the total client experience.

Marsha is a graduate Rasmussen College in Mankato with a degree in Sales & Business Administration.  She currently lives in Fairmont with her fiancé Adam, and has three children, Brody, Garrett, and Kobi.   In her spare time, she loves spending time with her kids, boating on the lakes with family and friends, decorating, painting and DIY projects.

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Jessica Salic

Director of Concierge Services
[email protected]

Jessica not only embodies our core values of excellence and client-focus, but she genuinely cares for people and has a sincere interest in helping to simplify our clients’ lives. As Sweet Financials’ Concierge Services Department Manager, Jessica is always looking for ways to create an even more impactful client experience. As a true leader in our firm, Jessica and her Concierge team members are focused on making sure we are meeting client needs beyond investment advice.  If you’ve ever interacted with Jessica, you know that what she does is truly first-class.

Jessica joined our team in 2005 and has been making a wonderful impact on our clients since then. She graduated from Southwest State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She lives just outside of Granada with her husband, Mike, and two children, Spencer and Lynsie. She also holds the title of supermom as she supports her kids in a multitude of different activities.

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Sarah Willers

Concierge Service Associate
[email protected]

Since joining our team in 2012, Sarah has shown time and time again that her calling is to provide exceptional service for our clients. Sarah handles all things related to Ty and together they make a great team that is focused on not only building relationships but in going above and beyond for the people they serve. Sarah is been known for simplifying the complex, loves maintaining consistent order in all that she does and has a true heart for going above and beyond for the clients she serves. As one of the rockstar concierge service associates, Sarah provides direct support to Ty and his clients outside of investment advice. She is responsible for establishing, maintaining and building client relationships while providing first-class personalized service. If you’ve ever interacted with her you know she has a heart of gold and a desire to see things through to the end.

Sarah is a graduate of the College of Saint Benedict.  She received her degree in Communications in May of 2007.

Sarah currently lives on an acreage just outside of Fairmont with her husband, Dusty and their two Weimaraner’s. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her pups, pheasant hunting, hiking, gardening and indoors she can be found in the kitchen testing out a new recipe.

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Callee Becker

Personal Assistant to Bryan Sweet
[email protected]

Callee is a master of organization, coordination and all things related to Bryan. We also call her the office investigator as she has an unusually exceptional memory and an ability to research like no other. A Fairmont native, Callee has graced us with her kind, warm presence since 1995. She helps keep the entrepreneurial spirit that is Bryan Sweet, focused and organized so he can put his energy towards the future of the company and our clients.

If you’ve ever interacted with Callee you know that she is a person that truly cares about the well-being of others. A true giver by nature, she has been a huge contributor to our joyful and fun-loving team.

Callee completed her education at St. Cloud Business College in 1989 and worked in accounts payable for a property management firm prior to returning to Fairmont in 1994. She and her husband, Chris, have four children, Noah, Seth, Eden and Beau. This feline friendly family also has two cats, Fudge and Luna.

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Jacob Hartke


Associate Director of Wealth Services, SFS

Financial Professional, RJFS

[email protected]

As a master of time management and a drive for excellence that is reflected in all he does, Jacob has been a wonderful addition to the Wealth Services department here at Sweet Financial. Having joined our team in 2015, Jacob has developed a skillset in helping our clients build and execute a financial plan that supports their biggest dreams. You will find him working diligently behind the scenes, completing more tasks than what should be normal for any human, just to ensure our clients get a plan that is accurate and timely.

Jacob finds joy in helping each of our clients with their distinct retirement plans and inevitably helping them create the retirement they can’t wait to wake up to. He thrives on living out the vision for the company, which is to create relationships with clients that goes beyond just the finances. But rather helps people think more about how they want to spend retirement.

Jacob graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2015 with a degree in Financial Economics and a minor in Political Science. He is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ (CRPC®) which provides him with special training in all aspects of retirement planning, including a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s financial needs before or after retirement, including sources of retirement income, personal savings, income taxes, estate planning, and more. He lives in Fairmont with his wife Sierra, daughter Haevyn and their dog Cammie. When Jacob isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time out on the lakes or taking walks with his girls.

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Miranda Tulowetzke

Concierge Services Associate
[email protected]

Miranda joined our team in 2019 with a passion for serving clients at the highest level possible. Her social nature and love for building lasting relationships is reflected in how she interacts with our clients and our team here at Sweet Financial. We fully believe she is the most well-connected young woman in Martin County as she has built friendships with many.

You will find Miranda establishing, maintaining and building client relationships while providing a first-class client experience. She is the chaos coordinator when it comes to scheduling for multiple members of our advisor team. She is your go-to person for getting on the calendar so you can build the plan to living your retirement dreams!

Miranda is a Truman native and completed her degree at Southwest Minnesota State University. She currently lives in Fairmont with her husband Chris and treat-loving cat, Stan. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball, bowling, boating and reading.

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Tina Coquyt

Implementation Specialist
[email protected]

Tina is an absolute master of implementation which is why we were so excited for her to join our Sweet Financial Services team in February 2020. With her love of bringing projects to completion, she thrives on simplifying the complex and consistently finding even better ways to execute on tasks. She is a natural organizer, loves helping people and the challenge each project offers.

Tina lives by the core values of the company as she demonstrates what is means to strive for excellence, work as a team, always maintain a client focus and does everything with the highest of integrity.

Tina graduated from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in business management. She began her career holding various roles with a global industrial & medical gas company where she earned her Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Tina enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.  She lives in Fairmont with her husband, Jeff and daughter Charlotte.

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