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Sarah Willers

Director of Client Relations

Since joining our team in 2012, Sarah has shown time and time again that her calling is to provide exceptional service for our clients. Sarah handles all things related to Ty and together they make a great team that is focused on not only building relationships but in going above and beyond for the people they serve. Sarah is been known for simplifying the complex, loves maintaining consistent order in all that she does and has a true heart for going above and beyond for the clients she serves. As one of the rockstar concierge service associates, Sarah provides direct support to Ty and his clients outside of investment advice. She is responsible for establishing, maintaining and building client relationships while providing first-class personalized service. If you’ve ever interacted with her you know she has a heart of gold and a desire to see things through to the end.

Sarah is a graduate of the College of Saint Benedict. She received her degree in Communications in May of 2007.

Sarah currently lives on an acreage just outside of Fairmont with her husband, Dusty, daughter Lacey and their two Weimaraners. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her pups, pheasant hunting, hiking, gardening and indoors she can be found in the kitchen testing out a new recipe.

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