The Dream Architect Life:
Where Money and Mindset Meet


Are you someone who is at or near retirement, who has been diligent about accumulating wealth and is now looking at the “what’s next?” heading into the next chapter of your life?

Introducing The Dream Architect Life: Where Money and Mindset Meet, with your hosts Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson!

In this podcast, we aim to help shift your focus to the things you can control so you can help put your money to work in turning your dreams into reality. Our trademarked process, The Dream Architect™, makes your wealth planning journey fun, informative and enjoyable.

Meet Bryan Sweet & Brittany Anderson

Introducing The Dream Architect Life podcast with your hosts, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson!

In this podcast, we aim to help you shift your focus to the things you can control so you can put your money to work and turn your dreams into reality.

In this inaugural episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson dive into the history behind starting their business, the focus of their podcast, and share a little about themselves as lifelong learners.

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • How this podcast will help impact people lives 
  • Why they commit to a deeper level of education for their clients
  • What they do for fun outside of the office
  • What they say to keep themself focused
  • And more!

The Smarter Business Program was created to help members gain insight and support to shift their focus from managing a business to helping them reach their goals. You don’t need an account with Sweet Financial in order to benefit from Smarter Business.

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Creating the Right Environment for Success – Dare to Dream

Do you feel like you have reached your maximum potential financially and as an individual in time for retirement?

It can sometimes feel like no matter how hard you work, you’re still not able to afford the things that bring you joy and make saving worth it in the end.

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson deconstruct their definition of the ‘dream’ and what that means in their own terms of success. They also discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with the right environment to reach your goals and maximum potential. 

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • The importance of who you surround yourself with to be successful
  • What ‘the dream’ truly means 
  • Why they decided to start their own podcast
  • Their book “Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To”
  • And more!

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Envisioning Possibility for Your Future

Possibility comes to those who create it. 

What does possibility mean to you? How do you maximize your personal possibilities?

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson dive deeper into the concept of possibility and what it means to them. They build off of the idea of life happening for you rather than happening to you. While also sharing some personal stories about their clients and how they achieved their possibilities.

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • Dreaming beyond today to envision your future
  • The big benefit of giving up something today for your benefit down the road
  • Setting the right mindset and timeframe for your plan
  • The vision for the future episodes
  • And more!

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The Toolkit for Visionaries

Do you know how to get on the right path to achieve your goals? Achieving those goals is extremely hard if you cannot lay them out to the people who can and want to help you.

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson pivot into a conversation about vision and deciding on what you want your money to do for you. Bryan and Brittany share the important tools and resources to help you create your own vision

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • Why you may want to consider creating a vision board for your goals
  • Sweet Financial’s role in client success
  • The role of an accountability partner in achieving your goals
  • Longevity issues within retirement and retirement planning
  • And more!

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Tackling Uncertainty in Financial Decisions

Sometimes our biggest stress comes from indecision, big and small. By making a really hard decision now you can move forward in your life in a different way.

In this episode, Bryan and Brittany discuss the topic of indecisiveness and the importance of taking responsibility when making financial decisions. They also share about how the commonality of fear can impact your life.

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • Deciding what you want in life
  • The consequences of the phrase ‘I don’t care’
  • Indecision with finances happening in households
  • Easing the fears of big financial decisions
  • And more!

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Planning for the Unexpected

There are a lot of unknowns in life, which can make long-term financial planning difficult. How do you prepare for all of the uncertainty that comes with each of the transitional phases in your life?

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson discuss the many financial uncertainties at each stage of your life no matter how extensive your plan. But there’s ways to minimize the risk of facing financial hardships in the future which will help reduce repercussions to your finances.  

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • How to prepare for the unpredictable situations that happen
  • The struggle between spouses with differing financial goals and strategies
  • How life’s transitional stages can introduce new financial obstacles
  • The financial certainty and uncertainty of your future
  • And more!

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Stop Letting Others Should on You

Don’t let someone else’s limiting belief in themselves hinder you from pursuing what you want and what you deem as valuable to you. 

If you are hungry for a bigger future, go for it!

In this inspirational episode, Bryan Sweet, CLU®, ChFC® and Brittany Anderson explain why you want to spend your time with individuals who give you the courage, opportunity and reinforcement to take the best pathway for yourself. Also, why you should determine your own core values and chase after them during your lifetime.

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • How naysayers can affect your future
  • Three principles to consider when making a life decision
  • Why it is helpful to have a non-biased accountability partner in your life
  • And more!

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Overcoming Discouraging Environments

Sometimes there isn’t a lot you can do about the negativity surrounding you, however, there are some things you can do to limit the effects of it.

In this episode, Bryan Sweet, CLU®, ChFC® and Brittany Anderson share their personal experiences with discouraging environments and dealing with negative commentary from others. Whether you’re dealing with negative environments at home or in the workplace, it can take a massive toll on your ability to maintain perseverance. 

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • The hardship of learning to overcome negative commentary and why you need to eliminate it from your daily life
  • Allowing yourself to become conscious about being in a negative environment and recognizing the characteristics one
  • The importance of creating and maintaining healthy support systems
  • The long-term impacts of negativity on your personal aspirations and goals
  • And more!

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Creating an Environment You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To

A key influencer in achieving financial success is surrounding yourself with people who will promote and inspire you throughout your journey.

In this episode, Bryan Sweet and Brittany Anderson discuss the process of deciphering between the people who motivate you to continuously pursue your goals and those who tend to drain that motivation out of you.

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who have good intentions in their relationship with you
  • The importance of protecting your peace of mind and navigating your personal relationships
  • The experience of being surrounded by people who make you feel energized or like you could “walk on the moon”, and how these people add value to accomplishing your goals
  • The process of contributing financially to something and how that adds value to your own financial success
  • And more!

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Creating an Environment You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To, Part 2

Deciding whether or not someone adds value to your life is not at all meant to be a judgmental process. 

This process is meant to evaluate how these people make you feel and whether or not they support you when making positive decisions to better your life.

In this part-two episode, Bryan and Brittany focus deeply on curating healthy relationships and learning about how they can influence your ability to achieve immense personal growth.

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • The influence of key relationships in your life and how they affect your overall path in life
  • Dealing with guilt when eliminating negative people from your life
  • How to have those tough conversations with the people who negatively influence you
  • How to discover whether or not the people around you are limiting your growth
  • And more!

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Achieving the Life You Deserve

Sometimes it can feel like you are one of the biggest obstacles in the way when pursuing your personal goals. So how can you change your thinking and become your biggest supporter?

This episode is all about self-belief and supporting yourself when pursuing personal, financial, or career-related goals. Bryan and Brittany also share the importance of self-reflection and how it contributes to obtaining personal desires without feeling guilty about acquiring them, even when you have worked extremely hard to achieve them.

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • Imposter syndrome – what it is and how to overcome it
  • The power of self-belief and how you should look at your future with two words- You. Deserve.
  • The guilt factor when rewarding yourself for hard work and how the right people will celebrate with you 
  • Strategies for moving closer to what you want in life
  • And more!

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How to change your “How’s” into “Who’s

When approaching big life decisions, people often look to the logistics of “how” can I achieve this end result rather than “who” can help me get there.

This mindset shift can transform the way you approach change, widening your scope and allowing you to take a step back and realize that you do not always have to be an expert in everything you do.

In this episode, Bryan and Brittany focus on how seeking help from experts outside of your position in every aspect of your life can help in ways you never imagined, so that you can get back to doing what you love most.

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • The concept of who rather than how
  • How asking for help can be an empowering step to achieving your goals
  • How you can create the right mindset to achieve your goals without your expectations weighing you down
  • The importance of allocating time to what makes you happy to create your dream lifestyle
  • And more!

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How to Build a Life of Significance

What does a life of significance mean to you? 

In this episode, Bryan and Brittany discuss how they care about being a part of your life in a bigger capacity during the good and bad transitions. They also explain how the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself with the help of an accountability partner.

Bryan and Brittany discuss: 

  • How a financial advisor can become your accountability partner
  • Why it’s important to think about what your future holds
  • What it means to live a life of significance
  • The value that they can deliver and how the price tag becomes insignificant
  • And more!

Releasing July 6th!

Navigating the Certainties and Uncertainties of Financial Planning

How often do you stress about things that you have zero control over?

For some reason, as humans, we seem to do this a lot.

In this episode, Brittany Anderson and Bryan Sweet discuss the struggle of internal and external uncertainties, particularly when planning your future. They also highlight some key resources to help you through these discouraging thoughts and emotions.

Bryan and Brittany discuss:

  • How Dan Sullivan’s exercise turns uncertainties into certainties
  • Why internal and external uncertainties need to be addressed differently
  • Wealth advisors’ ability to help mitigate your uncertainties in financial markets
  • How communication can alleviate the struggle of internal uncertainty
  • And more!

Releasing July 20th!

Combatting Doubt Within Your Career With Steve Ody

The way you perceive success can heavily influence how you find fulfillment in your work.

How can you find fulfillment when pursuing your passions?

In this episode, Brittany Anderson talks with Steve Ody, host of the Traveling Optimist podcast, to talk about creating “the dream life” and how you can pursue it within your career.

Steve discusses:

  • The inspiration behind his show and how he communicates his passion to listeners
  • The journey to creating the Traveling Optimist podcast and how it helped him pivot his business mindset during the pandemic
  • His inspiration perspective on success and how to find fulfillment in what you put out into the world
  • How to approach the feeling of doubt to take a chance within your career
  • And more!

Releasing August 3rd!

The Art of Intentionality With Jerome Myers

There has probably been a time in your life where you feel ‘stuck’. Being stuck within your career, stuck in the same town, the list goes on.

Why does this happen and how can you combat this overwhelming feeling?

In this episode, Brittany Anderson talks with Jerome Myers, founder of the Myers Development Group, LLC. They discuss how Jerome coaches people through the tough times in life to pursue all that is possible.

Jerome discusses:

  • His journey to creating the Myers Development Group, and what makes the company different from other investing companies
  • The feeling of being unfulfilled despite “having it all”
  • His approach when helping people who feel ‘stuck’
  • Three types of relationships and how to determine whether they are mutually beneficial
  • And more!

Releasing August 17th!

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