Financial Guidance for Your Business

Are you ready to shift your focus from running day-to-day operations to finally executing big-picture and high-impact financial strategies? As a business owner, it can be hard to make the transition from working IN the business to finally working ON it. To reach the financial freedom, growth, and opportunity that attracted you to build your own business in the first place, you must replace tactical, reactionary financial moves with goal-aligned, preemptive, and strategic ones.

Smarter Business Platforms

Providing consultative planning to select high-net income/worth entrepreneurs on an on-going basis, thus allowing you to delegate, and instead focus your time/energy on other initiatives.

Outsourced CFO

Ideal for someone who:

  • Would like another set of eyes overseeing their financial future
  • Has a desire to become more financially organized
  • Wants to delegate a portion of their finances to a trusted partner
  • Likes a set time frame for communication

What you receive based on initial conversation:

Quarterly meetings (typically 1 hour) to discuss accomplishments, initiatives, goals, and progress regarding the following:

  • Includes the Outsourced CFO Roadmap of accomplishments
  • Cash Flow Management
    • Timing and amounts
    • Additional liquidity reserves
  • Tax Optimization
    • Tax rates: now vs. later
    • Roth vs. traditional contributions
  • Protective Safeguards
    • Umbrella liability: cover punitive damages
    • Life insurance details
    • Coverage in case of disability
    • Estate planning documents
    • Will, health care directive
  • Efficiently Organized
    • Instant access to key documents, insurance policy information
  • Additional
    • Rental property acquisitions
    • Investment account allocations
    • Company retirement plan analysis and overview of options

Operational Mastery

Ideal for someone who:

  • Meets all characteristics listed under CFO Platform
  • Wants to run their business vs. having their business run them
  • Has a desire to spend more time working on their business versus in it
  • Would prefer their team to be self-managed
  • Believes that sustainable growth and systematization is the key to scaling

What you will get:

  • Everything in the Outsource CFO Platform PLUS…
  • Quarterly strategic planning session with owner and key person
    • Set targets for the company
    • Create intentionality in your revenue targets
    • Close the gap between Visionary and Integrator
  • Toolbox for strategic operation
    • Turn mistakes into learning experiences
    • Formula for process creation – strive for continued excellence
  • Culture formula for key person to implement
    • Best practices for maintaining talent
    • Becoming a mission with a business vs a business with a mission
  • Hiring guidebook
    • Make the hiring process simple as you grow your business
    • Training sources on customer care

Ready to take charge of your financial future and business? We’re here and ready to support you – And remember, it’s totally complimentary!

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